Association of European Regions for Products of Origin (AREPO)

AREPO is a network of regions and producer associations that deals with products of origin.

AREPO aims to promote and defend the interests of producers and consumers of European regions involved in the valorization of quality food products.

AREPO’s missions are:

  • In relation to regions:
    • The development of Geographical Indications and quality products as tools for rural development and territorial planning;
    • This also requires the strengthening of EU policy on Geographical Indications and derived products.
  • In relation to producers:
    • The guarantee of good income conditions for producers;
    • Lobbying for an adequate protection of products of origin on the European market as well as on third markets;
    • Lobbying to ensure that quality finds its proper place within promotion policies.
  • In relation to consumers:
    • Ensuring appropriate communication and accurate information.

Origin and Evolution:

AREPO was established in May 2004 in Bordeaux by 16 regions from six European countries, and it now represents 31 European regions and over 700 associations of producers for over 50% of European GIs.


  • A new President is elected every three years. Mrs Theano Vrentzou-Skordalaki, Deputy Governor of the Region of Crete in matters of Social Policy has been elected president of AREPO in October 2017.
  • The Secretary General directs and manages the network.
  • The Board of Regions and The Board of Producer Representatives:
    • The Board of Regions is headed by the Region of Crete
    • The Board of Producer Representatives is chaired by Occitanie
  • The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Association. It leads the work of the Association and deliberates on its behalf in the interval between General Assemblies. It is chaired by the President of the association.
  • AREPO is structured around two working committees:
    • The Technical Committee
    • The Committee on organic and sustainable farming
  • A Representation Office in Brussels coordinates AREPO’s lobbying activities and the relations with European institutions.